miscarried 1/9101 & 3/6/01.
Remembered by Mom (Angie) Dad(John) and silblings, Chelsey, Shelby, Savannah and Johnathon:
To my sweet little lost babies: Your dad and I were not married long before we found out we were pregnant with you. You have 3 sisters and a brother, your dad has two girls, and a boy, and I have a girl. You were to be our first together, and Savannah's first brother or sister. We were all very excited about you and loved you from the moment we heard the news. We were devistated to learn we wouldn't be having you in Aug after all, it was so hard on everyone, especially your sister Savannah. And to my second baby, you were my new hopes and dreams, my healer of the pain I was feeling over our earlier loss. I was so looking forward to having you, and for a few weeks things looked fine, and then you were taken from us too. I wanted you both to know you were loved from the moment you were concieved, I wish you would be joining us here, but you will always be my little angels, and will never be forgotten, and we will always love you.


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