born January 12, 2000 and died March 27th, 2000.
Remembered by Mom, Dad, Sister Emma Grandma, Grandpa, Uncles Matt Aaron, Nick Aunts Sarah, Kelly and Alison, Great:
Although Luke did not get to spend alot of time with us here on earth, he changed everyone's lives that met him. He was a fighter and showed us everyday how much he wanted to stick around. Luke taught us that even when things aren't easy, you grin and make the best of it. Luke also helped us torealize how wonderful our family and friends are, and what a true miracle the birth of a baby is. We beleive that the Lord found Luke to be too special to stay here on earth, but belonged in heaven surrounded by angels. We miss you Luke. We think of you everyday. We hope that you are in no pain now, and can look down and see how loved you were, and continue to be.


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