stillborn September 7th 1997.
Remembered by Mommy:
To Gabby I remember that day in April Was it only three years or so? The news that I was expecting you Seems like a lifetime ago. To think that I could produce life! The happiness I felt was unreal. I loved you right from the start. With love only a mother can feel. At first everything went as it should. It wasenough to know you were there. Then the doctor gave us bad news It was more then my poor heart could bear. My precious one had too many problems To live here on this earth. God needed you with him in heaven You had no time to wait for your birth. Sill I prayed every hour for your safety. I just could't believe it was true. Then one awful night in September That six ounce, ten inch baby was you. A part of my heart broke in two then. The pain is forever with me. Though someday there'll be other babies My sweet Gabby you forever will be. I love my baby Girl


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