miscarried 29 March 2001.
Remembered by Mummy (Deanna), Daddy (Stewart) & Brother, Mitchell:
My Dear Little Chloe, I never thought I would have to write this but here I am, trying to find tangible things to hang onto so you don't slip away from me, not that you ever would. I miss you more than I can bear and I will never understand why I lost you so early in your life. I had so many plans for you, so much to teach you...what do I do with it all? I want you to know that I looked after myself whilst I was carrying you, so that you would have the best chance, but something went wrong, I'm sorry baby. I thought I was doing well, until the last few days when I seem to have gone backwards. If only my tears could bring you back. Your roses are blooming and I think of you each time I look at them. A lot of people know about you, Chloe. Even people on the other side of the world! You've made your mark on earth even though you never saw it. God will keep you safe till I can look after you. Sweet dreams little one, Love always & forever, Mummy


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