born 4-1-01 and died 4-1-01.
Remembered by Brian,Kristen,Billy an Stephanie Carpenter:
Our arms only held your perfect being for such a short while,But our hearts will love you forever.We dreamed of all the games we would play the love we would share.We dreamed of what you were going to look like.Your sweet smile and we dreamed of how much we would love you,We had no idea how much we would love and miss you.We think of your tiny face always.We think of how much it hurts to not have you.We also think of how lucky those angels are to have you in heaven to play with and love.We know you are with God and all our family up there.We know when we get to come to heaven you will be waiting for us.We know you dont want us to hurt and we will never haved learned everything we have learned without having loved you then having lost you.You will always be our little Maddi and we will forever hold you in our hearts!Words alone could never decribe our feelings for you but We want you to always be remembered.


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