stillborn May 18,2001.
Remembered by Your One and Only Loving Mother, (Margarita Castillo):
Marc Anthony My Beloved son Till this day I can never get you out of my mind just thinking of how it would and could have been if you were born healthy. I love you so much that it hurts just to think about you. You are a my little Angel. I Know that you and god will give me the strength to be a stronger person. My best friend Erica was to be your God Mother and She had the honor of holding you for one last time and rocking you in the rocking chair just like I did in the hospital. I put the little hat on you that I thought would not fit you but it was actually big on you because you were so little. we also put this little dress on you but we cut it because it was to long for your little body. I really didn't want to let you go but what could I do. I wish you would have waited a few weeks more but Only god can be the judge of when a baby is to be born and I guess it was just not your time, But I will NEVER Forget about you and our special times together. You are very special to me. You ate what I ate and if there was somthing you didn't like to eat you would let me know. I remember going to sleep at night and just feeling you swim freely inside of me. I guess its very special because this was my first pregnancy and you were gonna have the honor of being my first little uplifting child. I know that you are watching from the heavens up above but I just wanted to say that Its very hard losing you even thou u live in my heart. I love you Endlessly my precious baby... I will lay you to rest on tuesday I just wish I could hold you once again but I know that that will NEVER be but I just want to thank you for giving me the BEST 7 months even tho there were times I was just fustrated but not of you just because I was new at this and I didn't know what I was Expecting. Baby you will always be Mommys first


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