stillborn April 18, 2001.
Remembered by Lakieta (Mommie) & Dorien (Daddy) Emanuel:
My darling love, you were still born at 9:03pm weighing 6lbs, 05oz and 20 inches long, you were perfect in every way. We had planned for you and dreamed of the day we would finally see your face. Our hearts were raw with pain when we saw your heart sitting still on the ultrasound screen. So many questions unanswered, what would your smile look like, did you have dimples like mommie, would you sneeze like Daddy, what would your cry sound like? We wanted you so desparately but will except what God allows. You touched our lives in such a permanent way, we will never forget our FIRST born. To all the parents going through this horrible tragedy, know that you are not alone, God has the power to heal all types of wounds and he knows what's best for his children.:)


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