miscarried September 24, 1999.
Remembered by John and Jessica Edwards (mommy and daddy):
We know that you are in heaven now. And we know that you are watching over us every day and we can feel your love in our hearts. Your grandmas and grandpas all love you very much too. Your aunt Nancy is hurting almost as much as we are about your death. She loves you very much and she shows it unlike some of the others. I hope you give mommy and daddy the will to try for you a brother or sister soon. We need you to help us with the faith of having a healthy sibling for you. We will never forget you. We could only dream that you were here with us. But one day we will be together again and we will never part again. We love you with every beat of our heart and think of you everyday. We love you so much and miss you!!
We miss you our angel!!! We love you always!!!!!!
Love, your mommy and daddy!


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