born March 5, 1999 and died March 5, 1999.
Remembered by Sandy, his paternal Grandma:
Baby Skyler we were all so looking forward to having you in our lives. You are your mommies and daddies very first son, and you are my first grandson.
How I would have loved to hold you, and love you and play with you and watch you grow. How your two sisters Devyn and Joslyn would have loved helping take care of their sweet baby brother.
Your mommy Carol and your Daddy David were so excited when they thought of having a little boy. They did have a little boy, so sweet, so small and so perfect. You are a special little boy, so special that God took you with him to be his tiniest little angel. We will miss you so much Skyler, we will love you always sweet baby boy and wait for us little angel, for we shall all meet again.
With all our love baby, your family


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