born October 20, 1998 and died November 3, 1998 and December 9, 1998.
Remembered by mommy and daddy (Bill and Vicki Emerson):
To our beautiful baby girls,
You touched the lives of so many people. But most of all you stole our hearts. The little time that we had you just wasn't enough. We miss you more and more everyday. I don't know why God gave the both of you to us and then took you away. I wish I could understand. Some people say there is a reason for all of this. Tell that to my heart, because there is no reason that could ever take the horrible ache that lives in me day after day. I love you now and forever; daddy loves you with all his heart and soul. Mommy and daddy can't hold you in our arms right now but we are holding you tight in our hearts. Someday we will all be together again my dear angels, so we won't say good-bye. We love you and miss you. See you.
XXOO mommy and daddy


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