born July 11th, 2001 10:15 am and died July 17th, 2001 7:55 pm.
Remembered by Jeremy, Nikki and Ashley:
Dear Emily Ann, Well it has been almost two months since you joined the angels above. We miss you so much. Mom and Dad are still having a hard time without having you here by their side. I spoke with Mom last night and she told me that she got your hospital pictures the other day. She told me that we could have a few photos so we can put them in your book we made for you. It is like a memory book. We look at the other photos of you almost every day. It is hard though, we see your little hands and feet and your beautiful face and ask why did this happen. We think about you all the time. I am trying to understand what happen and explain it to your Uncle. He does not want to speak of some things because he misses you. I miss you. Ashley misses you. Everybody misses you. We are all heartbroken but we know you are in a different and better place. We know you are looking down on Mom and Dad and saying be strong and never forget me, they will not ever forget you sweet baby. They love you and we love you. When we look up in the sky at night and see stars shining so bright, we know you are there looking down and even if the sky is cloudy we know you are our guiding light. Our little angel, so small and precious day or night we love you with every inch of our soul and heart. Emily Ann you have changed our outlook on life, you have touched something in all of us deeper than anyone can or could imagine. I suppose it would be easier if you were here we us, but there is a reason why your not. No one can really answer that only God can when it is our time to join you in the heavens above. Til then watch over, protect your Mom, Dad and your big brother. With our love goodbye for now and you are always in our minds and dreams. Hugs, kisses, prayers and hopes for everyone who does have an angel in their life. We were blessed to have such an angelic baby in our lives for six short days and now for eternity. God Bless you sweet girl!!! WE LOVE YOU VERY, VERY, VERY MUCH!!!!! WE MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!! Spread your wings and fly Emily.


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