miscarried February 8,1999.
Remembered by Daddy, Mommy,(Cliff and Amy Christy),and Big Brothers Ben, Jake and Sam:
My dearest little baby Jordan, Even now I miss you. All of the what if's and why's have been hard to bear.I never got to hold you or rock you or sing you a lullaby. I will never get to bandage your skinned knee or be by your bedside to read you a story. But I know that you are my child and I am your mother. You were really here and I felt you move. It's like we share a secret, you and I, for noone knew you like I did. I knew you were growing there, right under my heart. I had so many plans for you, but the Lord knows best the plans for us all. You were one of the purest souls, this world never touched you. The only thing that comforts me is that you are in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father and He is caring for you because I cannot.I also know that you are whole now,and healed. But I would have loved you anyway you were.Your brothers still talk about you and miss you.They wonder if you are all grown up in Heaven. Someday we will see you and it will be a glorious reunion. Until then my little sweetheart, Mommy will remember and continue loving you. .


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