stillborn 8th September 2001.
Remembered by Mum (Vanessa), Dad (Brendan), Jordan (brother), Maddison & Casey (sisters):
Even though Sebastian never breathed it does not mean he was no less a baby then if he had taken a breath or two or thousands, he was my son, he was his brother and sister's brother, and he will always be part of our family. After Sebastian's stillbirth everything I received or came into contact with contained a butterfly, so now I have taken on the butterfly to be his symbol in my heart. I wear a butterfly brooch that I bought for his funeral and I will continue to wear it for the rest of my life. People ask me how many children I have, to reply is heartbreaking, but I say 'I am a mother of four,three surviving' this may upset people and put them off guard, but I don't care, what I care about is acknowledging him.


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