born August 28, 2001 and died August 28, 2001.
Remembered by Momma, Papa, Grandma & Family:
Our son, Vicente Carlos was delivered prematurely on 8/28/01 due to severe preclampsia. My husband and I had been given a 95% chance of survival by the doctors, but when he was born he was only 24 weeks old in development although he was almost 28 weeks old in gestation. No one knows why he was so small (1 lb, 5 oz.). His lungs were not developed enough and his little body could not fight an infection he developed. He was a very beautiful boy who lived for twelve hours. As a testimony to his courage and strength, he waited all day for his momma to come and hold him. Only 10 minutes after I was wheeled into the neonatal unit, he died in my arms. “My son, my child—your life was so brief—like a candle in the wind. As a testimony to your courage and strength, you waited all day for your momma to come and hold you. And after I did, your spirit took flight. I give you thanks for waiting for me to hold you, to say that I love you, to touch your hair and kiss your lips. You are truly a beautiful child—my nose, your dad’s eyes and mouth—the best of both of us. Sometimes when I close my eyes, I see the smile in your eyes and on your lips. I have so many dreams for you—ones that you can still fulfill—just not here on earth, but in heaven. Till the day my life is through—this I promise you—I will always love you”. Con carino y amor, Tu Momma


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