miscarried 9/16/99.
Remembered by Your Loving Mommy and Daddy:
To My Sweet Angel ... Oh child that I will never see, I pray to God to comfort me. I wanted you so much, ’tis true … and now alone I grieve for you. It wasn’t in God’s great design to let me keep this child of mine. Were you a girl? Were you a boy? I couldn’t hide my inner joy when your presence was made known a child, that was to be my own. and as you grew inside my womb my hopes for you were growing too with dreams for my growing family … dreams now wrenched away from me. And now you’re gone, and I am here midst untold sadness, grief and fear. The waiting, anticipation great has turned to tears by way of fate. I know my God works all things well and that my sorrow He can quell, but I cannot help but cry sometimes because there is a tie that binds my heart to yours, love strong and true … I always will remember you. I think of things that might have been, and the tears come back time and again. When April 11th comes next year, I’m sure that I will shed a tear or two, for my child I love, you're now waiting up in heaven above. I love you and miss you! ~Mommy


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