miscarried 10/27/01.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy, and big-sister-to-be Allison:
I know that although I will never hold you in my earthly arms, Jesus is cuddling you until I can come be with you in Heaven. I am so happy that you were part of our lives, my dear sweet baby. We loved you from the moment we found out you were in my belly, we loved you 19 days later when the ultrasound scan told us that you had gone to be an angel, and all the way through the delivery exactly one month after we found out that you were alive within me. We love you still. We named you... we didn't know if you were going to be a boy or a girl, but I just feel that a boy is right somehow. We named you Elijah Timothy... Elijah was the faithful prophet in the Bible who was taken up in the sky to God without an earthly death. You didn't have an earthly death either. Your middle name, Timothy, is your daddy's first name, because he was so excited to have a new baby... he wanted a son. You are precious to us and we will never forget you. Your big sister Allison blows kisses to heaven every night, hoping you get them and share them with Jesus. She loves you. She's only 3, but she understands that you were sick and you couldn't stay with us here. She can't wait to see you in Heaven, either. My dearest, I could type forever about how much we love you and how important you are to us, but I believe that you can feel it in your tiny little heart. Goodbye for now... I know that I will know your shining face in Heaven. Sing your little heart out, dear angel... sing praises to your Father and we will join you when God calls us home. Mommy


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