born October 19, 1998 and died October 19, 1998.
Remembered by Papa:
Emily, you were so beautiful. Why did we have to say goodbye before we ever got to say hello? All of our hopes and dreams for the future are gone. You were such a beautiful baby. You were only sleeping, thats the way it seemed. At least we got to hold you, if only for a few precious hours. I can't believe I am going to miss you so much, I never even got to know you. On the day that you were born and died, I went for my run, and in the pre dawn sky, I saw what I thought were the Northern Lites, but I guess that it was heaven getting brighter because you had arrived. Emily you were a beautiful baby, loved and cared for very deeply by many people. We will get through this somehow and will carry your memory with us forever. Your mommy and I miss you terribly.


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