born July 11th 2001 and died July 17th 2001.
Remembered by Nicole Aunt to Be:
Just wanted to say we still miss you dearly Emily. It has been three months since you have joined the other little angles above and our hearts are still broken that you have left us here on earth without you. Not a day or minute goes by and I don't think of you. You are in my thoughts and dreams all the time. I hope you are doing well in heaven with your playmates. Ashley misses you all so much too!! She wanted to tell you her story how she was a little preemie too and play with you. I put her picture she made for you and Mommy in your memory book we made. I know right now she does not understand but one day she will, like the rest of us. We love you and we miss you dearly and one day we will be together. Please watch over your Mommy, and make sure she will be okay!!! I worry about her so much. I know she is very strong but I still worry about her and how she is doing after you left her arms and flew to heaven. Peace, hopes, hugs and prayers to you Baby Emily!!! :) Our love always and forever......Sweet Angel....... (This helps me cope with our loss of you, I pray but I feel like I need to write down my thoughts) Hopes, hugs, and prayers to everyone that has lost a baby...and other family members. I can not fully understand why things like this have to happen but some where there is a answer why, I just have not found that as of yet!! God please watch over our angels and guide them through their new life. Please tuck them in bed at night and give them a kiss from us. Thank you for letting me express my thoughts and feelings. Emily Ann our July Baby....


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