stillborn June 25,2001.
Remembered by Daddy, Moma, Dakota and Eryn:
My sweet Ethan, how I miss you so!! I heart still aches for you angel. You should have been born sometime this very week and I feel so cheated not to be expecting you to make your entrance into the world. You did that 4 months ago much to soon. But, I am so glad I had those 5 1/2 months with you. I would rather have lost you than to never have known you. You looked so much like your sister. You have the same little pug nose that Dakota and Eryn have. Oh baby I miss you.I long to see and hold you again. You accomplished so much in your short life, do you know that? DebDeb is praying and reading her Bible again and MamMaw is staring to be more open to God. You did that!! I am so proud of you. You did more in 5 1/2 months than most people do in a lifetime. I know God is proud of you. We all still miss you, but understand that you had finished your task on earth and wanted to be back with Jesus. Dakota and Eryn talk about you often. THey love you so much. They miss the brother they should have. I hope that you and Samuel will be close and stick together. We will see you one day. Good bye my love. We love you and miss you very much.


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