stillborn November 30, 2000.
Remembered by Mommy:
A year has almost past since you, my sweet son, went back to be with Heavenly Father. I think of you always. I recently found an ultrasound picture of you and remember how you used to kick inside. I still think of the day of your birth and how I held you for that brief time. Then they took you out of my arms - way too soon. My love, I try to find the perfect words to say how I feel. I just still and always will miss you. I love you my precious baby. Allison is now with us, an angel too sent from heaven. I truly believe in the spirit world - how we come down and join a body to live on earth. I am sure up there in the spirit world, before she came to join a body you knew her. She is a happy baby - when she was born she looked just like you. Now she is looking a little like me. She is very sweet. A gentle being, and we are taking care of her showering her with love & happiness. Well my love, I must go now. We are going to have a celebration on November 30th in rememberance of you. I love you - always and forever - your Mommy. Charity Zentz


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