Remembered by Mom & Dad (Bill & Christina Fairhurst),Krystopher & Gaige (brothers), & Allison (sister):
At only 17 weeks,you unfortunatly had to leave us.I am so sorry I didn't know anything was wrong,nobody did.Everything was great,so we thought.Until forced labor was brought on by hospital,there was no explination.When you were born the nurse told us right away the cause of death.Your cord was wrapped several times around your neck and body.No one or nothing could of told us that. Two days before the next appt. I guess something happened or possibly sooner.I'm sorry I never saw you or got to hold you.I am waiting for the day when I get to hold you in my arms and look in your eyes,until God decides that day I will have you in my heart & on my mind till.Play with the angels J.P.,use your wings,fly,and play.I know you couldn't do it here.I Love You!!


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