born October 9,2000 and died October 18,2000.
Remembered by Mami, Papi, big brother Noel,Abuela,Abuelo,and all your Aunts and Uncles:
It has been a year and it still seems like it was just yesturday. No matter how much time goes by it still hurts, your were so bueatiful as you still are. Papi I will LOVE you forever your always on my mind, my arms wish I can hold you again and cradle you one more time. Me and Papi always talk about you and how you would be running around the house and climbing up the stairs, we just wondered how it would of been just to having you here. Nathaniel WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU..............ONE DAY WE WILL MEET AGAIN............A BIG KISS AND HUG FROM ALL OF US.....WE LUV U :(.............“Twinkle Twinkle little STAR how I wonder were you are“


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