born July 11th, 2001 and died July 17th, 2001.
Remembered by Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Nikki:
Dear Emily, We wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas...We miss you so and we want to say no to knowing that you left us to join the angels above. We want you to know you are so loved. It has only been five months that you passed away well actually 156 days today. Emily we are still heartbroken over your death. Not a day goes by we don't think of you and how you left, your Mommys arms. We send you kisses, hugs and love to you, our Emily Ann...little angel above in the heavenly skies looking down we hope to peek through the clouds and at night peering through the starry sky and wanting to know if you have changed our lives. You Emily will forever change us and how we look at life. We have a empty spot inside but we will always have a warm spot of thoughts of you in our hearts. The tears will eventually stop and we will go on. We will celebrate your birth every year and grief quietly of your loss. Miss you dearly, Uncle Jer and Aunt Nikki


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