born August 20, 1998 and died September 10, 1998.
Remembered by her Mommy Rosana, her Daddy Sergio and sisters Karina and Yanina:
Romina, you came and left so soon
I held you in my arms
and now you are by the moon

Your mommy, daddy and sisters
we all wanted you so
but God had different plans
I know you had to go

We try hard to continue
to find the way to live
without your precious eyes
which to Jesus you had to give

You will always be remembered
and in our hearts you'll be
mommy's, daddy's and sisters'
and so many others as you see

I know life is fine with Jesus
I know we'll meet again
I no longer fear death
if you are at the other end

Please help us stick together
guide us through this path
until our next embrace
send strength and make it last

Thanks so much Romina
for picking me to be
your mommy forever
and what this means to me


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