born 18-11-1988 and died 18-11-1988 one hour old.
Remembered by mum dad ashley katie & jordan:
Tony you are still missed very much it may be thirteen years gone by since we lost you to heaven but you are forever in our hearts and thoughts you are allways talked about by your brothers and sister and us of course. Your photo sits by my side of the bed and I look at you every night and wish god would have let me keep you, if only for a while longer then he did.I like to believe your in a better place with your grandads and other family in heaven. I like to believe your all very happy together and believe you all miss us as much as we miss you. We love you more then words can say me especially, I may not visit your grave very often but something tells me you're here with us anyway and I thank god for that .We will always love you and will never forget you. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love always Mum Dad Ashley Katie & Jordan Big kiss & cuddle from mum.


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