stillborn December 5, 2001.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy (Janice and Frank) Mom-Mom and Pop Konscol, Grandma and Grandpa Farino, Uncle Bob an:
Victoria Lynn will always be in are hearts..She is our little angel. She will be remembered forever. I can remember all the times she kicked and moved, and how happy i would be..There wasnt a day that went by that i did not tell her that mommy and daddy loved her. I remember everytime she kicked i would tell uncle Jeff shes kicking and he would come feel her, and she would stop like she was teasing as soon as he moved his hand away she would start kicking use to bring a smile to my face and it still does. Everyone talked on how u would be spoiled and boy were there right we had so many things here for you, things you couldnt have till you were at least 2 years old. The day god came and took you away was the hardest and hurtful thing that could ever happend in my life...But there is a reason u are not here and only god knows why...but u are our hearts forever Victoria Lynn and ill see u when god calls for me then i know it will be my time to have you my little angel


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