miscarried April 8, 1998.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
My darling angel, from the moment you were conceived you were loved and if that love could have kept you alive, you would surely be here today. I picked your name, I imagined your eyes looking into mine, my arms will always ache to hold you. I even picked you a song - "Angel of Mine"...the words said all I felt for you. How could I know you would truly be my angel. You were with us such a short time, all I saw was your heartbeat, it was so strong. In the time you lived in me you brought such love and such anticipation to us and to our families and friends. You have changed us completely. My pet, you slipped away so quickly, we miss you every single day. We love you with all of our hearts, your footprints are on our hearts always and we will never,ever, ever forget you, our sweet angel.


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