miscarried May 12, 1999.
Remembered by Mom, Dad, and big sister Maddie:
You entered our lives, just as quietly as you left. We didn't even know you were with us, until you were 5 weeks along! At 9 weeks, Mommy knew something was wrong, even when no one believed her. You must have loved her so much that you did what you could to let her know, because you knew she'd need the extra time grieve you. At 12 weeks, Mommy's worst fears were confirmed, and at 13 weeks you left us. We never even got to hear your tiny heartbeat. Little Angel, there's so much we wanted to share with you, but now we'll never get the chance. Your big sister came to us so effortlessly, we forgot how fragile lives really are. We thank you for quietly reminding us daily about the things that are important in life by your absence. We will never forget you as you play in Heaven's gardens and sleep in the Father's arms. Sleep well, little angel. We love you.


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