miscarried July 25, 1999.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
We can't believe it happened
Our precious baby to be
Through all our strife and struggles
O' God this can't be real
We saw this creation
As a blessing from above
The miracle of a baby
Created from our love
We saw you one time
On the ultrasound machine
And I felt my heart pounding
As we jumped for joy and glee
Then the tragic news came
Your heartbeat no longer in view
And we thought Oh GOD.....
What did we do?
We had to make a choice
After hearing you were gone
The baby we wanted so much
Will not be in our tender arms
We had planned to have you here with us
To watch you run and play
A thought we can only dream of
For in heaven you will stay
We would love to have you with us
To see you grow in everyway
A thought we can no longer dream of
For with Jesus you must stay.
Author: Unknown
Mommy and Daddy loves you.


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