miscarried February 16, 1999.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy (Casey and Bill):
Although we never got to hold you, you still will always be special to us. Mommy, Daddy, and both sideS of your family love you very much. I know that God is taking care of you until we can be together. Love Always, Mommy and Daddy

I always knew you would come someday,
Daddy and I never knew when you would
reveal your way.

My body was pregnant full of life;
No more sadness, no more strife.

I was thirteen weeks and so excited,
I could not wait for your arrival!

Then I find that tragedy struck,
We found that our baby would
never wake up.

Around me falls the silent rain,
Dark clouds sound the thunder.
My body's failed me once again
Can I take much more? I wonder.

Daddy and I cry out for mercy,
As our hearts search for hope.
There is no sun-today is dreary,
As our mourning slowly envelopes.

How I feel cannot be stated,
In words that one can understand.

Yet for me there is no life to bring,
My child is but a memory.

All good feelings have disappeared,
My tears I wipe with a weakened hand.

I believe that you are my one true angel,
Watching me from the heavens above.

I will be with you again someday,
Just wait for me my forever special love.


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