miscarried October 17th, 1996.
Remembered by Kristi Hagey & Kassie Vinsand (her little sister) & Greg Baker:
There are a million things I would tell her if I could, a million stories I would read her. I held her for 3 hours before they took her away and everyday I wish I had a million more. I love her more than I ever thought you could ever love someone. She was tiny - only 10 inches long and weighed 9 ounces. I remember fitting her in the palm of my hand and when her tiny mouth fell open she made the sweetest noise - I hear it when I close my eyes. I love you my prescious angel...and I think about you every day. Your little sister talks about you all the time. She says you talk to her - thank you for that...she loves you and misses you too. Mommy loves you baby.


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