born March 9, 1998 and died March 9, 1998.
Remembered by your Mom (Shonda Owenby):
If only I could have said "I Love You!" Sometimes I wonder how things could have been easier to say Goodbye to my precious baby boy. I was so anticipating your arrival. Your Dad & I had so many plans. You also had 2 half-sisters who could not wait to play with their baby brother. But God already had plans for our "precious one". I think of you often but I know you are safe. I never have to wonder when you will walk through the door or where you are at any given time. I miss you more everyday but I know God chose you for a special reason. You are and always will be "Momma's Precious Son". Talon, one day we will be together again. Until that day I hold you near and dear to my heart! On those nights that it's hard to get to sleep-I dream you are the one saying "Things will be ok! Mom-I am safe and I will see you again!" Until that day I will think of you (sometimes with tears in my eyes and sometimes with a smile). You are always in my thoughts and are missed very much. Someday soon I will enter "God's Garden" to pick my precious flower. So to all Moms and Dads who have lost a child remember one day you will also pick your precious flowers! Be ready when God calls your #, your flowers are waiting for you. They're reaching their arms out to hold you, In God's beautiful garden. I love you son-you will never be forgotten!!!! Mom


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