miscarried June 6, 1999.
Remembered by her parents Russell and Lori Coffey:
When I miscarried Elizabeth I was only 5 weeks into the pregnancy. I did not know the real sex of my baby, but it helps to give the child I lost a name. I am only 20 years old and have been married a little over a year. Every day my heart aches for the child I lost, the child that I will never know. I will never get to her my child's laughter, see her beautiful smile, or hold her why she cries. There is so many things I would have done for her, but I was never given the chance. Sometimes I wonder if it was my ault, something I did to cause the miscarriage. I know that is crazy and blaming yourself will not help matters, but I can't help it. every night I pray that the Lord will bless us with another child, and that no one that I know will have to know the loss of a child. It has been hard talking about it because so many people do not understand. I have been told that it was not a real baby because I was not that far along. I can't tell you how much that hurt me. It was a real baby. I know that a lot of times people do not know what to say, and I understand that. Sometimes not saying anything, but offering a hug is the best thing they can do. I remember the day that I had my DNC so clearly, it was July 6, 1999. Exactly one month from the day that I miscarried. I had to go to the maternity ward to have my operation, and on the way back to my room I passed the nursery were all the new babies were. Down the hall from my room was a woman in labor. I was outraged that they had put me in the maternity ward. When I left the hospital I had no baby in my arms. Nothing to show for the fact that I had ever been pregnant. Yet there were women in those rooms who would leave that place with a child in their arms and that made me sick. It is not as if I was not happy for them, I was, but it just reminded me of what I didn't have. That made my loss all that much harder to bare. I hope in the future hospitals will do something about this. My final writing is going to be to our child. Dear Elizabeth, I want you to know that your farther and I will never forget you. You will always be on our minds and in our hearts. I know someday we will be reunited, and I will finally get to hold you in my arms. Elizabeth I long for that day. Love always your mother Lori and your father Russell.


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