born 04-16-02 and died 04-16-02.
Remembered by Roxanne and Albion:
I miss him. I miss feeling him move around inside. We found problems in the 8th month and new there was a chance he would die. We waited about 5 weeks before being induced. Sometimes I feel guilty for letting them induce me, but I had too much amniotic fluid and was so uncomfortable, I just wanted it over. I was so used to being pregnant; eating a certain way, sleeping a certain way, wearing maternity cloths, and speeking softly so I would not startle him. Now that he is gone and I have nothing to hold, or to mother, it is hard to get on with everyday life with out thinking of him every second. I try not to obsess, but when will it get easier. The hardest part for me was making my milk go away and looking at an empty sack attached to my body. I miss him.


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