born December 31, 1985 and died March 27, 1989.
Remembered by Mother-Vickie Lykins and Big Brother-Joshua Cook:
Jacob, honey, I miss you so much. You were such a good little boy. You had so many things that you had to deal with in your young life and you did it so well, and with so much love. No matter how many times you were stuck with needles, you always hugged their neck and gave them a big kiss. You weren't supposed to walk or talk, but you showed them. You were so proud when you could say "Hi, I Jake!" I was so proud of you and you taught me so much. Thank you for sharing your short time here with me. Now your Nana is in Heaven with you to love you and take care of you. She left us early on April 19, 1995. I wasn't ready to let go of her, but she missed you so much and wanted so much to be with you. I love you Jacob, and I will be with you one day.


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