miscarried May 10, 1999.
Remembered by her eternally loving Mommy, Mary E. Cote:
When the night has darkened the night sky
I lay down and behind my closed eyes
I can see your beautiful face and soft baby cries
I know you are somewhere, right now, where I can't be
Until the day I join you, you will watch over me lovingly
Through Heaven's gates you will make sure I join you
Not a moment too soon, nor a moment too late
Until the day we are together again, my Angel Lily...
Guide me, help me, love me, show me the way
Along with God's other angel babies you will be happy and play
I will eternally love you and miss you for forever and a day
May God keep your in his loving hands and arms
Until I can hold you in my own and never have to let you go.
I love you as long as the butterflies flutter by...forever and beyond,
I Love you my Sweet Angel Lily...
Love, Mommy


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