stillborn August 14, 2002.
Remembered by Jessica (:
“Some People Only Dream Of Angels .. I Held One In My Arms“ To my precious Katie who was just too beautiful for Earth ... You're special not only because God chose to take you back home with him, but you're special because you were mine. When I held you in my arms, I never realized that something so beautiful could ever have come from me. You were so tiny, and so absolutely perfect. God really does take the best. You'll never be forgotten, and forever loved. **Why God takes the little ones, **I swear I'll never know **You had so much life to live **It just wasn't time to go **For comfort now I think of you **With tiny little wings **Up above, in a beautiful place **Listening to angels sing **You'll never know the pain I feel **The hurt you left behind **Oh what I wouldn't give to hold you one more time **I carried you in my womb **Then I carried you in my arms **And now until it no longer beats **I'll carry you in my heart -jt


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