miscarried November 21, 1999.
Remembered by Karen and Stephen Cubells:
Every day I prayed for you with all of my heart
The Lord sent you to be with me, in my life you were a part.

I held you safe and warm in my womb,
Never realizing you would be leaving me soon.

You were only within me for a brief moment in time,
When the Lord decided He wanted you to be by His side.

Whether here for a moment or for a lifetime,
My love for you will always shine.

But the sorrow and pain revealed by my tears
May continue throughout many years.

You are my baby, and you are very real,
You are my child, although others may not feel.

Every day I pray the Lord will take away the pain,
But I know it won't be gone until you're in my arms again.

How wonderful that day will be,
When Jesus and my precious child I'll see.

But for now He holds you in the palm of His hand.
Safe and warm, forever in His care.

I Love You and I miss you,
Love, Mama


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