miscarried May 22, 2002.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
Letter to our little Angel - We tried for a year to start a family, and were so incredibly happy when the doctor confirmed Mommy's hopes that she was pregnant. Daddy had to sit down on the bed, because we had waited so long that it felt like a dream. We called everyone! Grandma C. went out and bought you a gift that very Saturday. A crib tent, so when you were big enough you couldnt climb out of your crib. Mommy and Daddy went out and bought a huge Tigger from the Disney Store, because the theme of your nursey was to be Tigger. However, it just wasnt meant to be. On May 22nd the DR. confirmed that you were now one of God's Angels. You will never be forgetten. The love we felt for you was real, and the pain of your loss will forever help us to appreciate any little brother or sister God blesses us with in the future. We know you are with God, and will be a guardian angel to our future children. That is what brings us peace. Love - Mommy and Daddy


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