miscarried April (Rife) & May (Klein) 2002.
Remembered by Your Mommies:
We are best friends. Trying to concieve at the same time. How wonderful it would be to have babies the same age! Mommy Rife called to say she was pregnant and one month later Mommy Klein was expecting to. But the irony in all of it. Who would have imagined that we would miscarry almost 30 days apart. After both trying for so long! So now we wonder. Are the two of you best friends? Do you play together up in heaven, and look out for all of us here on earth. Can you ever know how much you were wanted? How many tears were shead when you left us? Does Baby Rife's big sister up in heaven (who left this world due to SIDS several years before) look out for you and love you? We find piece in knowing that you are together. We know that the heavenly father will take care of our little ones until the day he decides we should all be together again. Know that you were both loved dearly, and wanted just as badly. Niether of you will never be forgotten and can never be replaced. Love - your Mommies


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