miscarried 7th April 2002.
Remembered by Mummy xxxxxx:
Your daddy and I were surprised and very, very happy when we found out about you, your big brother had only just had his first birthday and I was still nursing him. When I found out about you I wondered how I would cope with you both, your brother would be 19 months and you would have just been born, but these thoughts were pushed out by the happiness I felt. When I lost you at 12 weeks I was totally devastated, but having your big brother Max to look after was a great healer I don't know if I could have coped without him. I should have been holding you in my arms on the 21st October 2002 only 9 days away, instead I will be wearing a ring I have had specially made in rememberence of you that I will always wear and cherish forever. To my darling baby who I never knew but will live in my heart always.


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