miscarried September 27 , 1990.
Remembered by By Momma and Daddy:
Oh little Brandyn , oh how you are missed. I can remember just like it was yesterday when I found out that I was carrying you. I was so happy to know that you existed. You are my angel in the skies , so please watch over momma and daddy. Up until the day I found out that you had passed on I was so happy. On that day , part of my world slipped away. Daddy and I went our seperate ways for awhile then. He married and had a daughter , which would be your little sister. Then we came to our senses and well here we are - married and somewhat happy. The only way to be 100% happy is if you were here with us. Though since momma lost you to Heaven , I have not been able to have anymore babies. So this pain has been like that of a double-edged dagger. I remember how you felt , we think of you everyday, and love and miss you so much... Forever in our thoughts - you left the most precious and tiny set of footprints in our hearts...WE LOVE YOU BABY...


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