stillborn 11/30/2000.
Remembered by Mommy:
November 30, 2002 would have been your 2nd birthday. It is amazing how quickly time passes yet my sweet baby my feelings have not changed, I still miss you and think of you. I remember that very special day of your birth, the only day I was able to spend time with you, to hold you and kiss your sweet face. I look at your picture from time to time, I am so grateful for those pictures. I have only a few keepsakes, but I cherish them all - hold them dear to my heart. Your memory continues to stay with me. I love you Dylan and I pray that the Lord watches over you as you live with him, in the Kingdom of Heaven. One day, I will hold you again. Happy Birthday my love, may the Lord bless & keep you always. Your Mommy, Charity


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