stillborn September 4th 2000.
Remembered by Cousin Ashley, Your mom, dad, sisters and twin brother:
You were gone before I knew it And only God knows why I guess this world is too mean Maybe there would have been too much pain Or maybe you are just too beautiful So God saved you from this place I never got to see you or hold you Never got to know you and love you I know that you have your wings now I know that you fly high And look down on your siblings and parents Each and every minute But in my heart its hard to accept The fact that you arent alive I never lost a cousin so little Someone I loved but never even knew I wish I could see you So I could tell your mom that you're alright I know she misses you I sure do I know she loves you Because I really do I cant imagine the pain she goes through But I know you are there by her side I want to see you so bad But I know I will just have to wait Until it is my turn to go to heaven's gate Until then You will always be Our little angel of the sky Never to run But forever to fly. I Love You Vincent


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