born May 31, 2002 and died May 31,2002.
Remembered by Her Loving MOMMY AND DADDY:
Our Dearest Faith, You were here so briefly then had to go, We will always love you this I know. We knew from the start you were oh so ill, for we loved you so and carried you, still. Your daddy loved oh so much for he would hold mommys belly at night, just to touch. we wish you were here to tickle your toes and even wipe your little nose. These things so small but mean so much we will never get a chance to feel your touch. Its time to go on now but I need you know if theres someway you could help me to let you go. I'll never forget you as you know by my tears, the love will stay forever, its perfectly clear. If theres some way you could come visit me I'll watch for your sign, I know you will when it is time. We cherish you forever baby girl. SADLY MISSED BY YOUR MOMMY AND DADDY


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