miscarried September 6 ,2002.
Remembered by Mommy and big brother Bryce:
I do not know if you where a boy or girl so I could not name you but that doesn't mean I love you any less. I wanted you SO bad and your big brother was so excited. I miss having you in my tummy and wish you were still there. You were to be born March 16,2003 1 month after you brothers 4th bday. I miss you SO much. I know God has a reason for what he did but I dont know what that is. I hope you are being a good little angel in heaven. Play nice with your friends and kiss little Ashton for me. And tell him that his Mommy Sheri loves him too. Kiss my papa for me and tell him I miss him and his BIG hugs. I would give my last breath to hold you and touch your sweet face if only for a moment. I look forword to the day when we will meet and I will be able to hold you. Watch over your big brother and make sure he is safe. Kiss his cheeks when he sleeps and make yourself known to him for he loves you to. I LOVE YOU!!!! Mommy


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