stillborn August 14 , 2002.
Remembered by Paul and Cathy Fibraio and members of the Fibraio and Economos families:
Paul Vincent Fibraio is our little angel. He was a beautiful 8lb 11oz baby boy who was taken from us because of a knot in his umbilical cord. His life ended while in the womb, but his spirt lives on in the minds and hearts of all those that loved him and were awaiting his arrival. Although he can not be with us, we know that he is in God's hands and his great-greats are taking good care of him in heaven. Yet, we still love him and miss him deeply. Our hearts were broken when he was taken from us.Someday, we will be together with him and our other loved ones in heaven. Until then, we will always remember and love our sweet little angel,Paul Vincent Fibraio.


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