stillborn September 19, 2002.
Remembered by Mommy (Katrina):
You were taken from me at 32 weeks,before I could know you. You are gone and my body and heart aches so badly for you. You will never feel my touch or how much I truly love you. It took us over 9 years to make you and you had to leave me so suddenly. God is the only one who knows why you left, but no matter what you will always be my first-born son. You will always be in my heart. I know you are the most beautiful angel in heaven. I hope you know I love and miss you SO MUCH. Everyone says time will make it easier and the pain will lessen, but it gets stronger everyday. For as long as I live, September 19 will be a day of great sadness and longing. I will also remember you are watching down on me as my heart SLOWLY heals. You are always in my mind and heart. My dear sweet baby, until I hold you in heaven, remember I love you and always did. LOVE YOUR MOM.


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