stillborn 10/25/02.
Remembered by Wendy & David Frankel:
We shared our news with friends and family Thinking about the life we would share Ready for the future; looking ahead happily With you in the center, our reason to care We saw you curled up in a tight little ball A gift you shared that we weren’t supposed to see We knew then the joy that is a parent’s call We got to see your heart beating inside of me But the heartbeat stopped and you were gone We weren’t ready to say goodbye on that day Five months wasn’t for us very long We didn’t want anyone to take you away Our little boy, we waited so long to know you We wanted to protect you and shower you with love We cry when we think of never again holding you But we feel comfort that you are with God above Andrew, you will always stay close to our heart And a part of us will always belong to you A new child will never replace your part You’ll always be our firstborn forever true


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