born 12/19/02 and died 12/20/02.
Remembered by Chris, Machelle, Semeca, Tristan, & Shyann Oglesby:
Our son (CJ) was born on Dec 19 at 5:52am he was pefect we came home the same day about 9:30pm. He did not sleep well that night now I'm glad that we had that time with him, my other three childern did not get to spend much time with hom at all. The next day we had to stop at docters office for a blood test, then to my Mothers. he nursed then we toke a nap Daddy came and he was still asleep but fine he held his Daddys finger. 15 min. later my neice pick him up and I noticed that his hand was blue, I toke him from his heart was not beating and he was not beathing. Only a minute from the docters office we tokeoff but at 5:20 less than 45 min. after he held his daddy's hand he was gone. The next day we were told that he had a heart defect but that was not what had caused it I knew in my heart there was something eles. Then six weeks later we were told the he died of group B Septis but I had tested negitive for it, and have had 2 test since and tested negitive I don't understand and have had no luck with my questions as to how or why. All I know is that I miss my son and am look for some way to help keep this form happening to someone eles. CJ we love and miss you our darlin little angle.


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